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Orbea namaquensis

AsclepiadaceaePosted by wim manders Mon, September 16, 2013 21:30:31
For reasons less to ration and more about reminiscing of what used to be, I posted a quest upon Orbea namaquensis on Facebook. In less than no time from all over the world people responded. It made me happy, since I sincerely believe that groups like Ɓsclepaiadaceae'or 'Planet Asclepiads' have something to add to plants on ecxinct. We all do buy plants for alot of money and why not swap them amongst each other, if it were only to keep species at the bridge of extinct in collection and prevent them to be all lost forever.
The reactions of people on my quest for a cutting of Orbea namaquensis has overwhelmed me, but moreover has convinced me that the groups mentioned above should urge their members to swop cuttings amongst each others.
Hence there is another thing to keep in mind: members should try and do their utmost to find out whether or not htier plant and the label which goes with it are correct..

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